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European Financial Management Association
2011 Annual Meetings
June 22-25, 2011
Braga, Portugal

Note#1: Session Chairs and Discussants can download papers for the meetings from this page. Authors can update the version of their paper(s) and/or abstract(s) on this webpage later. Please email your paper/abstract directly to: Shravan Chouti

Note#2: If you wish your paper to be considered for publication in the EFM journal, convey your interest to your Session Chair.

Presentations: For your presentations at the EFMA2011 Meetings please note that all rooms are equipped with computers. Power Point (USB or CD) and Overhead Projector (transparencies) presentation options are available.

Conference Presentations:
Laptops will be Available in all Rooms for Conference Presentations.

Discussants' Responsibility: To better serve the needs of authors presenting papers at the EFMA2011 meetings, discussants are kindly required to hand out to the authors and the session chair 1-2 pages handwritten comments with their constructive comments.

Accepted Papers & Participants List




Aabo Tom, Marianna Andryeyeva Hansen and Yaz Gulnur Muradoglu
Email: taa@asb.dk
The Distinctive Role of Foreign Debt in Foreign Exchange Risk Management


Abad-Díaz David and Roberto Pascual
Email: goliat@ua.es
Revisiting the Stealth Trading Hypothesis


Abudy Menachem and Simon Benninga
Email: abudymen@post.tau.ac.il
Nonmarketability and the Value of Employee Stock Options


Adcock Chris and X Hua
Email: c.j.adcock@shef.ac.uk
Violations In The Returns On European Options Under The Black Scholes Model


Adkins Roger and Dean Paxson
Email: roger.adkins@talk21.com
Equipment Capital Budgeting with Technological Progress


Aebi Vincent, Gabriele Sabatob and Markus Schmidc
Email: vincent.aebi@gmail.com
Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and Bank Performance During the Financial Crisis


Agarwal Vineet, Angel Bellotti, Elly A. Nash and Richard J. Taffler
Email: vineet.agarwal@cranfield.ac.uk
The Value Relevance of Investor Relations


Agliardi Elettra and Nicos Koussis
Email: elettra.agliardi@unibo.it
Optimal capital structure with time-to-build and the impact of financing constraints


Agorkai Maria-Eleni, Evangelia Siachou and Anthony Ioannidis
Email: magoraki@aueb.gr
Effectual Upshots on Firm Performance: A determinative perspective of Business Model Innovation


Ainsworth Andrew and Adrian D. Lee
Email: andrew.ainsworth@sydney.edu.au
Ex-dividend Day Bid-Ask Spread Effects in a Limit Order Book Market Setting


Alcock Jamie and Eva Steiner
Email: jta27@cam.ac.uk
Earnings growth volatility and the value premium


Alexandridis George, K.P. Fuller, L.Terhaar and N.G. Travlos
Email: g.alexandridis@icmacentre.ac.uk
Deal Size, Acquisition Premia and Shareholder Gains


Alman Mahir and Andreas Oehler
Email: alman.finanz@sowi.uni-bamberg.de
Liquidity Transformation Factors of Islamic Banks: An Empirical Analysis


Almeida Vinicio and Ricardo P. Câmara Leal
Email: vinicio@ufrnet.br
A Joint Experimental Analysis of the Dutch Auction, Book Building and Competitive IPO Pricing Methods


Andreou Panayiotis
Email: benz@pandreou.com
A Volatility Smirk that Defaults: The Case of the S&P 500 Index Options


Andreou Panayiotis C. and Christodoulos Louca
Email: benz@pandreou.com
Corporate Diversification Profile and Firm Value


Andreu Laura, Laurens Swinkels and Liam Tjong-A-Tjoe
Email: landreu@unizar.es
Can exchange traded funds be used to exploit country and industry momentum?


Andries Alin Marius and Capraru Bogdan
Email: alin.andries@uaic.ro
Bank Performance in Central and Eastern Europe: The Role of Financial Liberalization


Areal Nelson, Chris Adcock and Benilde Oliveira
Email: vinicio@ufrnet.br
Value-at-risk forecasting ability of filtered historical simulation for non-Normal GARCH returns


Areal Nelson, Maria Ceu Cortez and Florinda Silva
Email: nareal@eeg.uminho.pt
Investing in mutual funds: Does it pay to be a sinner or a saint in times of crisis?


Azevedo Alcino and Dean Paxson
Email: a.azevedo@hull.ac.uk
Developing Real Option Game Models