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Finance Faculty Profiles

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September 2002: Third year DPES (Doctoral program in Economics and Statistics), at ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) under the supervision of Prof. Marco Becht (ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles and ECGI).
Works: "Composition Changes in the European Indices: CAC40, SBF120, FTSE100. Further Evidence on Stock Price Determination"; "Block Trades and The Benefits from Control in Slovenia", joint with Aleksandra Gregoric (University of Ljubljana). This paper will be presented in May at the Fifth International Conference "Enterprise in Transition", University of Split, Croatia.
Sept.1999-June 2000: DEA (Diplome d’etudes approfondies) in Economics and Statistics, ULB.
Sept.1998-June 1999: Master in Economics (MEc) at L.Bocconi University.
1992-1997: LUIGI BOCCONI University, Milan, Italy. Degree in Economics, specialisation: Monetary and Financial Economics. Thesis: "Regime Changes and The Behaviour of Exchange Rates". Final grade: 110/110.

Honours, Awards:
2001: Scholarship from the Institute of European Studies (IEE), ULB.
1998: Scholarship of "Fondazione Invernizzi" for the attendance of the Master in Economics, L.Bocconi University.

Research and Working Experience:
Autumn 2002: Visiting student at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, in the context of the RTN on "Understanding Financial Architecture".
January 2002: ENTER Program Jamboree (Université de Toulouse) – Student Presentation.
August 2001: Summer School in Finance, CFS (Center of Financial Studies), Frankfurt. I presented here the paper on Index Composition Changes, during the session of Prof. Albert S. Kyle (Duke University, Durham, U.S.A.).
June-August 1999: Stage at Standard & Poor’s – DRI Europe, a division of the McGraw-Hill company.
1999: Teaching assistant in Applied Econometrics at “L.Bocconi” University.
February-July 1998: I collaborated with IGIER (Innocenzo Gasparini Institute of Economic Research), at “Bocconi” University.
January-February 1998: “Stage” at European Commission, in Milan.


Dr. Vasumathi is currently Associate Professor of Econimics, CERG, University of Paris-Dauphine in Paris, France. Her prior appointments include Economist, Ministry of Finance and Economics and Visiting Professor, Ecole Superieure de Commerce (ESSEC). She has also held visiting positions at York University at Toronto, University of Salvador at Buenos Aires and San Diego State University.
Dr. Vasumathi's research in corporate finance and economics has appeared in the Journal of Futures Markets as well as in various conference volumes and collections. She is active as a referee for the Journal of Futures Markets, the Manchester School Bulletin of Economics and Economic Modeling, among others.
She received a B.A. from Harvard University and a PhD in Economics from the University of Michigan.


Ton Vorst holds a chair in finance and econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His current research interests are mainly in derivative instruments and financial risk management. He has published in journals as the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis and the Journal of International Money and Finance. He is associate editor of eight journals among which the Journal of Deriva-tives, the International Review of Financial Analysis, the Review of Derivatives Research, Finance & Stochastics and the European Finance Review. He is director of the Erasmus Center for Financial Research and of the Econometric Institute at Erasmus University. Furthermo-re, he acts as the academic co-ordinator of the program and research committee of Inquire Europe. Ton Vorst has a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Utrecht and Masters degrees from the University of Utrecht and Erasmus University.