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Finance Faculty Profiles

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Matti Keloharju is a Professor of Finance at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, where he earned his PhD and where he has been a Finance faculty member since 1992. In 1998-99, Dr Keloharju was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance at the Anderson School of Management, University of California at Los Angeles. His research interests include behavioral and corporate  finance. His work has been published, among others, in the Journal of Finance and the Journal of Financial Economics.


John Kleinert is a Research Associate in Research Group "Structural Change and Growth" Keil Institute for Worl Economics
He was born on October 17, 1970 in Berlin. He had his study of economics and Japanese studies at the Eberhard-Karls-Universitat Tubingen and Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan, diplom-Volkswirt (M.A. in economics) 1997. Structural Change and International Division of Labor.
Main Areas of Research: International economics, globalization, multinational enterprises, mergers and acquisitions
Recent Publications: The Time Pattern of the Internationalization of Production". (2001) German Ecomonic Review 2, (1): 79-98.
Further Selected Publications:
Megafusionen: Trends, Ursachen und Implikationen, Kieler Studien 302, Tubingen 2000 (together with H. Klodt)
"The emergence of Multinational Enterprises".(2000) in: G. Rubel (ed.), Issues in International Economics. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot.


Prof. Henning Klodt is the Head of Research Department "Structural Change and Growth" Keil Institute for Worl Economics.

He was born on February 21, 1952. Study of Economics at the Christian-Albrechts-Universitat zu kiel, diplomvolkswirt (M.A. in Economics) 1977, Doctor's degree in Economics (Ph.D.) 1984, appointment to Director and Professor 1999. since 1978 research associate at the Kiel Institute of World Ecomonomics, 1988-1989 head of research group "technology and growth", 1990-1997 head of research group "Structural Change and Employment" and responsible project leader of the Kiel Insititute's reports on structural adjustment (strukturberichtestattung), since 1997 head of research department "Growt, structural change and International Division of Labor".
Structural change and induatrial policy, science and technology, international economics, labor market development, competition policy.

Recent Publications

  • "Fusionswellen und ihre Ursache" (2002). In: W. Franz, H. J. Ramser, M. Stadler (eds.), Fusionen. 31. Wirstchaftswissenchaftliches Seminar, Ottobeuren, Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck (with Jorn Klienert) (in print)

  • conflicts and Conflict Resolution in International Antitrust: Do We Need International Competition Rules? (2001). The World Economy. 24 (7): 877-888.

  • "Economic Efficiency and Social Acceptasnce of Wage Subsidies" (2001). In: R. Riphan, D. J. snower, K. F. Zimmermann (eds.), Employment Policy in Transition, Heilderberg, Springer: 154-171

  • Further Selected Publications

  • "Industrial Policy and the East German Productivity Puzzle" (2001). german economic review 1 (3): 315-333

  • Megafusionen: rends, Ursachen und Implikationen. Kieler Studien 30. Tubingen 2000 (together with J. Kleinert)

  • "Together Global Competition: Catalysts and Constraints" (1999). I: OECD (ed.), The Future of the Global Economy. Towards a Long Boom? Paris: 115-138 (together with H. Siebert)

  • "German Technology Policy: Institutions, Objectives and economic efficiency" (1998). Zeitschrift fur wirtschaftspolotik 47 (2)

  • "Comparitive Advantage and Prospective Structural adjustment in Eastern Europe" (1991). Economic Systems 15 (2)

  • "Industrial Policy and Repressed Structural Change in West Germany" (1990) Jahrbucher fur Nationalokonomie and Statistik 207 (1)

  • "technologietransfer und internationale Wettbewerbsfahigkeit" (1990). Aussenwirtschaft 45 (1)

  • "International Trade, Direct Investment, and Regulations in Services (1988). World Competition 12 (2)


    Roy Kouwenberg is a Ph.D. student at the Econometric Institute and the Department of Finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 1992 he received his M.Sc. degree in econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently, Roy is finishing his thesis on Dynamic Asset-Liability Management. He has presented his work at numerous international conferences and seminars.