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EFM 2011 Best Paper Award: Editors Vote

MEISNER NIELSEN /Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"The Return to Direct Investment in Private Firms: New Evidence on the Private Equity Premiuim Puzzle"
EFM VOLUME 17, 3, 2011 (June 2011 Issue)

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EFM 2011 Reader's Choice Award

G. WILLIAM SCHWERT / University of Rochester

"Stock Volatility during the Recent Financial Crisis"
EFM VOLUME 17, 5, 2011 (November 2011 Issue)

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EFM 2011 Top Download Award

NADJA GUENSTER / University of California at Berkeley
ROB BAUERR / Maastricht University
JEROEN DERWALL / Maastricht University & Tilburg University
KEES KOEDIJK / Tilburg University

"The Economic Value of Corporate Eco-Efficiency"
EFM VOLUME 17, 4, 2011 (September 2011 Issue)

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