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European Financial Management Symposium 2007
May 3-5, 2007
Bocconi University, ITALY

Accepted Papers & Participants List





Andre Paul
Email: paul.andre@ed.ac.uk
Concentrated Ownership Structures and Long Term Operating Performance of Acquiring Firms


Bennedsen Morten
Email: mb.eco@cbs.dk
The Principle of Proportional Ownership, Investor Protection and Firm Value in Western Europe

Bhagat Sanjai
Email: bhagat@colorado.edu
Corporate Governance Indices

Bigelli Marco
Email: marco.bigelli@unibo.it
Expropriation, Unification and Corporate Governance in Italy

Bicksler James L.
Email: jgeborde@rbsmail.rutgers.edu
A Note on the Remuneration of Coca-Cola's Outside Directors and an Evaluation of Warren Buffett's Assessment of its Merits

Black Bernard
Email: bblack@law.utexas.edu
The Value of Board Independence in an Emerging Market

Boubakri Narjess
Email: Narjess.Boubakri@hec.ca
The Impact of Internal and External Governance on Debt Financing Costs and Ratings

Brecht Marco
Email: mbecht@ulb.ac.be
Returns to Shareholder Activism Evidence from A Clinical Study of the Hermes UK Focus Funds


Caselli Stefano
Email: stefano.caselli@uni-bocconi.it
Private Equity Investment Performance: Is This a Game of Corporate Governance Rules or of Deal Making? An Evidence From Italy

Cheung Yan-Leung
Email: efsteven@cityu.edu.hk
Corporate Governance in China: A Long Way to Go


De La Bruslerie Hubert
Email: hlb@univ-paris1.fr
Acquisition Bid Price: Is There an Optimal Cash-Equity Payment Mix?

Deloof Marc
Email: marc.deloof@ua.ac.be
Is Group Affiliation Profitable in Developed Countries? Not in Belgium

Deloof Marc
Email: marc.deloof@ua.ac.be
Who's Afraid of Universal Banks? Bank Affiliations and Corporate Dividend Policy in Pre-World War I Belgium

Durnev Artyom
Email: art.durnev@mcgill.ca
Erroneous Accounting and Industry Investment Efficiency: Evidence from Restatements

Fraser Donald R.
Email: dfraser@mays.tamu.edu
Information Opaqueness, Corporate Governance, and the Perceived Value of Bank Loans


Gatti Stefano
Email: stefano.gatti@uni-bocconi.it
Arranger Certification in Project Finance

Gilbert Aaron
Email: agilbert@aut.ac.nz
Elements of Effective Insider Trading Laws: A Comparative Analysis

Gopalan Radhakrishnan
Email: gopalan@wustl.edu
Large Shareholder Trading and Takeovers: The Disciplinary Role of Voting With Your Feet

Goyal Vidhan
Email: goyal@ust.hk
Creditor Rights, Enforcement and Costs of Loan Finance


Hahn Peter
Email: p.d.hahn@city.ac.uk
Vanishing Board Meetings: Has Governance Doomed the Board Meeting?

Hahn Peter
Email: p.d.hahn@city.ac.uk
How Not Pay Your Outside Directors: Determinants of Non-Executive Director Remuneration

Henderson Vicky
Email: vicky.henderson@wbs.ac.uk
Is Corporate Control Effective When Managers Face Investment Timing Decisions in Incomplete Markets?

Hillier David
Email: d.j.hillier@leeds.ac.uk
Corporate Responses to Performance Declines: Evidence from the UK

Holmen Martin
Email: martin.holmen@nek.uu.se
Tender Offers Versus Block Trades: Empirical Evidence

Hu Shing-Yang
Email: syhu@ntu.edu.tw
A Family Member or Professional Management?


Kaserer Christoph
Email: christoph.kaserer@wi.tum.de
Insider Ownership and Corporate Performance – Evidence from Germany

Kind Axel
Email: axel.kind@unisg.ch
A Principal-Agent View on Dividend Taxation and Investment Efficiency

Korczak Adriana
Email: adriana.korczak@mbs.ac.uk
Does Cross Listing Mitigate Insider Trading?


Lehnert Thorsten
Email: lehnert@finance.unimaas.nl
Prior Performance and Corporate Governance Characteristics of Acquirers

Lo R. Hok-Leung
Email: H.Lo.1@research.gla.ac.uk
The relationship between voluntary disclosure of corporate governance practices by the Hong Kong small-cap listed firms, firm value, and dividend payout


Marchica Maria-Teresa
Email: maria.marchica@mbs.ac.uk
On The Relevance of Ownership Structure in Determining the Maturity of Debt

Martynova Marina
Email: m.martynova@shef.ac.uk
The Performance of the European Market for Corporate Control: Evidence from the 5th Takeover Wave

Maury Benjamin
Email: benjamin.maury@hanken.fi
Oligarchs, Institutional Change, and Firm Valuation: Russian Evidence


Nicodano Giovanna
Email: giovanna.nicodano@unito.it
Should Insider Trading Be Prohibited When Share Repurchases Are Allowed?

Nielsen Ksaper Meisner
Email: kmn.fi@cbs.dk
The Causal Effect of Board Size in the Performance of Small and Medium Sized Firms

Nohel Tom
Email: tnohel@luc.edu
Undoing the Powerful Anti-Takeover Force of Staggered Boards


Olaru Ioan Florian
Email: i-olaru@kellog.northwestern.edu
Relation of Hedge Funds and Corporate Governance: A New Perspective


Peng Cheng
Email: p.cheng@surrey.ac.uk
Related Party Transactions, Expropriation and Post-IPO Performance - Chinese Evidence

Plaksen Evgeny
Email: plaksen@isb.unizh.ch
Empire Building in Firms Going Public: How Early Do We Discover the Problem?

Poletti Hughes Jannine
Email: jpoletti@liv.ac.uk
Ultimate controllers and the probability of filing for bankruptcy in Great Britain

Pu Li
Email: tammy_lipu@yahoo.com.cn
Has China's the Non-Tradable Shares Improved Listed Companies's performance? A DEA Evaluation of China's Listed Companies


Rui Oliver M.
Email: oliver@baf.msmail.cuhk.edu.hk
Short Interest, Insider Trading and Stock Returns

Ruiz-Verdu Pablo
Email: pablo.ruiz@uc3m.es
Corporate Governance When Managers Set Their Own Pay


Saffar Walid
Email: walid.saffar@hec.ca
Political Connections of Newly Privatized Firms

Sapp Stephen
Email: ssapp@ivey.uwo.ca
The Impact of Corporate Governance on Executive Compensation

Sawicki Julia
Email: ajsawicki@ntu.edi.sg
Corporate Governance and Dividend Policy in Southeast Asia

Shabbir Amama
Email: amama.shabbir@cranfield.ac.uk
To Comply or Not to Comply: Evidence on Changes and Factors Associated with Changes in Compliance with the UK Code of Corporate Governance

Stacescu Bogdan
Email: stacescu@isb.unizh.ch
Dividend Revisited - An In-Depth Look into the Relationship Between Dividends and Earnings

Stathopoulos Konstantinos
Email: k.stathopoulos@mbs.ac.uk
From Fiction to Fact: The Impact of CEO Networking

Subrahmanyam Avanidhar
Email: subra@anderson.ucla.edu
Social Networks and Corporate Governance

Sudarsanam Sudi
Email: p.s.sudarsanam@cranfield.ac.uk
The Deutsche Boerse Bid for London Stock Exchange: A Clinical Study of How it Was Thwarted by Shareholder Activism

Surroca Jordi
Email: jsurroca@emp.uc3m.es
Managerial Entrenchment and Corporate Social Performance


Van Overfelt Wouter
Email: wouter.vanvorferlt@ua.ac.be
Do Universal Banks Create Value? Universal Bank Affiliation and Company Perforamance in Belgium, 1905-1909


Wang Ming-Chang
Email: ericwang@post.csu.edu.tw
Monitoring Effects and Signaling Effects of Independent Director Appointments: Voluntary and Mandatory Appointments


Xi Chao
Email: chao.xi@soas.ac.uk
Institutional Shareholder Activism in China: Law and Practice


Yavuz M. Deniz
Email: deniz.yavuz@asu.edu
Do Regulations and Institutions Matter for the Cost of Equity?


Zhian Chen
Email: zhianchen@unsw.edu.au
Foreign Ownership and Domestic Stock Return Volatility - Empirical Evidence in China

Zur Emanuel
Email: ezur@stern.nyu.edu
Hedge Funds Activism