EFM Paper Submissions

Steps For Paper Submission:

1.) Fill the EFM Paper Submission Payment Form (below)
2.) Submit your Paper & the names, affiliations, and emails of four (4) potential referees
3.) Pay Submission Fee and include the Transaction ID: ???? when you submit your paper

Complete and a Blind version, Maximum size per file should be 1024kb. Papers should not exceed the 55 pages, inclusive of references, appendices, tables, and figures. Abstract should not exceed 100 words.

Paper Submission Fee:

Authors are required to pay the submission fee at:

[ EFM Paper Submission Payment Form] (Secure Online Version)

New Paper Submissions:

Authors should submit their paper at:


Revised Papers Submissions:

Our journal is currently transitioning to Wiley’s Research Exchange submission portal. Please read these instructions carefully.If you submitted your manuscript through our Research Exchange site, you will see a link below to submit your revised manuscript:


(If no link appears, follow the instructions in the next paragraph.) Click on the link or go to wiley.atyponrex.com/journal/EUFM . Sort by journal and submission status to locate this manuscript, then click the “Revise submission” button to submit your revision. You will be able to respond to the reviewer comments when asked to “Upload your Author Response”. All supplementary and additional files will be carried over when you submit a revised manuscript. You may be required to provide additional files at the revision stage.

If you submitted your manuscript through ScholarOne, please use this link to submit your revised manuscript:


Legitimate Interest:
By submitting a manuscript to or reviewing for this publication, your name, email address, and affiliation, and other contact details the publication might require, will be used for the regular operations of the publication, including, when necessary, sharing with the publisher (Wiley) and partners for production and publication. The publication and the publisher recognize the importance of protecting the personal information collected from users in the operation of these services, and have practices in place to ensure that steps are taken to maintain the security, integrity, and privacy of the personal data collected and processed. You can learn more at Dataprotection policy

All invited revisions must adhere to the following formatting guidelines throughout the manuscript (main body, references, appendices, and footnotes):
  • 8.5” x 11” paper
  • 1” margins top, bottom, left and right
  • 11pt Times New Roman font
  • 55 pages with 25 lines of text per page (double spacing) or 35 pages with 33 lines of text per page (1.5 spacing)

EFM adopts the “Online Early” electronic publication process.
This allows accepted articles to be accessed electronically in advance of the print publication.

EFM Author Guidelines
EFM Turnaround time: Four (4) weeks from the submission date.

Pre-acceptance English Language Editing Service

Professional Copy Edit Recommendation:

We recommend that before you submit your paper it should be professionally edited for English Language by a service such as Wiley’s at http://wileyeditingservices.com/en/