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European Financial Management Association
2018 Annual Meetings
June 27-30, 2018
Milan, Italy

Candidate CV Listings

GROUP #1: Banking

Chao Huang,University of Edinburgh, UK   (PDF Version)
Email: Chao.Huang@ed.ac.uk

Haiyan Pang, Arizona State University, USA   (PDF Version)
Email: Haiyan.Pang@asu.edu

Hongzhe Shan, Swiss Finance Institute-University of Geneva, Switzerland   (PDF Version)
Email: Hongzhe.shan@unige.ch

Leo Pugachev, University of Oklahoma, USA   (PDF Version)
Email: lpugachev27@ou.edu

Salah U-Din, Massey University, New Zealand   (PDF Version)
Email: S.U-Din@massey.ac.nz

GROUP #2: Corporate Finance

Anna-Fani Constantatos, University of Stirling, UK   (PDF Version)
Email: anna-fani.constantatos@stir.ac.uk

Xiao Jia, ESSEC Business School, France   (PDF Version)
Email: xiao.jia@essec.edu

Mohamad Faour, University College Dublin, Ireland   (PDF Version)
Email: mohamad.faour@ucdconnect.ie

Mohammed Zakriya,ESADE Business School, Spain   (PDF Version)
Email: mohammed.zakriya@esade.edu

Jaskaran Kaur, Brunel University, UK   (PDF Version)
Email: Jaskaran.Kaur@brunel.ac.uk

GROUP #3:Behavioral Finance

Nataliia Osina, Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS), UK   (PDF Version)
Email: nataliia.osina@postgrad.mbs.ac.uk

Veelaiporn Promwichit,University of Edinburgh Business School, UK   (PDF Version)
Email: s1476108@sms.ed.ac.uk

Yen-Ju Hsu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan   (PDF Version)
Email: yenj.hsu@gmail.com

Xiao Han,University of Edinburgh Business School,UK   (PDF Version)
Email: Xiao.Han@ed.ac.uk

Elisa Pazaj, Cass Business School, City University of London, UK   (PDF Version)
Email: Elisa.Pazaj.1@cass.city.ac.uk

GROUP #4:Asset Pricing

Zhaneta Tancheva, Tilburg University, The Netherlands   (PDF Version)
Email: z.tancheva@tilburguniversity.edu

Yiming Zeng, University of Sussex, UK   (PDF Version)
Email: yz341@sussex.ac.uk

Petra Andrlikova, The University of Sydney, Australia   (PDF Version)
Email: pand3157@sydney.edu.au

Shihua Qin,Zhejiang University, China   (PDF Version)
Email: 3130101180@zju.edu.cn

Stefano Grillini, University of Bradford School of Management, UK   (PDF Version)
Email: s.m.grillini@bradford.ac.uk