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European Financial Management Association
2017 Annual Meetings
June 28- July 1, 2017
Athens, GREECE

Note#1: Session Chairs and Discussants can download papers for the meetings from this page. Authors can update the version of their paper(s) and/or abstract(s) on this webpage later. Please email your paper/abstract directly to: efma2017@acg.edu

Note#2: If you wish your paper to be considered for publication in the EFM journal, convey your interest to your Session Chair.

Presentations: For your presentations at the EFMA2017 Meetings please note that all rooms are equipped with computers. Power Point (USB or CD) and Overhead Projector (transparencies) presentation options are available.

Conference Presentations:
Laptops will be Available in all Rooms for Conference Presentations.

Discussants' Responsibility: To better serve the needs of authors presenting papers at the EFMA2017 meetings, discussants are kindly required to hand out to the authors and the session chair 1-2 pages handwritten comments with their constructive comments.

Deadline for Posting Revised Paper is MAY 1, 2017

Accepted Papers & Participants List



Addo Kwabena Aboah, Ugo Rigoni, Elisa Cavezzali
Email: kwabena.addo@unive.it
Internal Governance and Bank Performance Under the Capital Requirement Directive IV


Aftab Zary, Simone Varotto
Email: z.aftab@pgr.icmacentre.ac.uk
Liquidity and Shadow Banking


Agarwall Vineet
Email: vineet.agarwal@cranfield.ac.uk
The Impact of Statutory Audit and Corporate Reporting Directives on Compliance Costs, Risk-taking and Reporting Quality of the EU Banks


Ahmad Wasim, Wolfgang Aussenegg, Ranko Jelic
Email: w.ahmad@bham.ac.uk
IPO lockups and insider trading


Ahmed Waqar
Email: waqar.ahmed@wbs.ac.uk
Insider Trading Around Open Market Share Repurchase Announcements


Ahmed Yousry
Email: yousry.ahmed@northumbria.ac.uk
Effect of leverage deviation on firms’ decision on public versus non-public acquisitions: UK evidence


Akhtar Shumi, Ye Ye
Email: shumi.akhtar@sydney.edu.au
Strategic Default and Capital Structure Decision


Al Mamum Md
Email: m.almamun@latrobe.edu.au
Powerful CEOs and Stock Price Crash Risk


Alexandridis George, Zhong Chen, Yeqin Zeng
Email: g.alexandridis@icmacentre.ac.uk
Financial Hedging and Corporate Investment Behavior: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions


Almaquoushi Wael
Email: wael.almaqoushi@ucdconnect.ie
Audit Committee Quality Indices, Firm value, and Financial Reporting Quality


Almeida Lionel
Email: lionel.almeida@lecnam.net
How to measure corporate control? Evidence from panel threshold effects of the degree of control on CEO pay monitoring.


Alperovych Yan, Douglas Cumming, Alexander Groh
Email: alperovych@em-lyon.com


An Yunbi, Jinqing Zhang, Zeyu Jin
Email: yunbi@uwindsor.ca
Dynamic portfolio optimization with ambiguity aversion


Anagnostopoulou Seraina, Charitini Stavropoulou
Email: sanagnostopoulou@escpeurope.eu
Earnings management among NHS Foundation Trusts: A good beginning makes a good ending?


Andronoudis Dimos, Christina Dargenidou, Eirini Konstantinidi, Peter Pope
Email: D.Andronoudis@lse.ac.uk


Aouadi Amal
Email: amel.el_aouadi@uca.fr


Artavanis Nikolaos, Ioannis Spyridopoulos
Email: nartavanis@isenberg.umass.edu
Foreclosure Moratorium and Strategic Default


Asimakopoulos Stylianos, Aliya Kenjegalieva
Email: stylianos.asimakopoulos@stir.ac.uk
Financial frictions and the role of endogenous human capital accumulation


Asimakopoulos Panagiotis, Stylianos Asimakopoulos
Email: pasimakopoulos@acg.edu
Fiscal policy with heterogeneous agents,banks and …nancial frictions


Aspris Angelo, Sean Foley, Peter O'neill
Email: angelo.aspris@sydney.edu.au
Transparency in Commodities Markets


Athanassakos George, Vasiliki Athanasakou
Email: gathanassakos@ivey.uwo.ca
Earnings quality and the value premium


Audzeyeva Alena, Ana-maria Fuertes
Email: a.audzeyeva@keele.ac.uk
Emerging Market Sovereign Credit Spreads: In-Sample and Out-of-Sample Predictability




Balachandran Balasingham, Nader Atawnah, Huu Nhan Duong, Edward J. Podolski
Email: B.Balachandran@latrobe.edu.au
Does Foreign Competition Affect Stock Market Liquidity?


Balatti Mirco, Chris Brooks, Michael Clements, Konstantina Kappou
Email: mirco.balatti@pgr.icmacentre.ac.uk
Did Quantitative Easing only inflate stock prices? Macroeconomicevidence from the US and UK


Balboa Marina, German Lopez-espinosa, Korok Ray, Antonio Rubia
Email: marina.balboa@ua.es
Executive Compensation and Systemic Risk: The Role of Non-Interest Income and Wholesale Funding


Baltas Konstantinos
Email: k.baltas@essex.ac.uk
Assessing Bank Efficiency and Stability


Bansal Naresh, Robert Connolly, Chris Stivers
Email: nbansal@slu.edu
High Risk Episodes and the Equity Size Premium


Bar Hava Keren, Beni Lauterbach, Roi Katz
Email: kbarhava@huji.ac.il
Is it Worthwhile to Augment the Legal Protection ofPublic Debt Placed by Private Companies?


Barabanov Sergey
Email: ssbarabanov@stthomas.edu
Institutional Investors and Post-Litigation Security Returns


Barbopoulos Leonidas, Jo Danbolt
Email: leonidas.barbopoulos@st-andrews.ac.uk
Does contingent payment enhance foreign target acquirer’s value? The optimal entry mode


Barroso Pedro, Paulo Maio
Email: p.barroso@unws.edu.au
Managing the risk of the betting-against-beta" anomaly: does it pay to bet against beta?""anaging the risk of the "betting-against-beta" anomaly: does it""naging the risk of the "betting-agains""aging the risk"


Barth Andreas
Email: andreas.barth@finance.uni-frankfurt.de
Corporate Culture and Banking


Belisario Pedro
Email: pesilvabelisario@iese.edu
Information Spillovers: The Effect of Analyst Coverage on Returns Co-movement


Beltrame Federico, Daniele Previtali, Stefano Caselli
Email: Federico.beltrame@uniud.it
Leverage, Cost of capital and Bank valuation


Berger Theo
Email: theoberger@uni-bremen.de
Extracting the relevant trends for applied portfolio management


Bessler Wolfgang, Georgi Taushanov, Dominik Wolff
Email: Wolfgang.Bessler@wirtschaft.uni-giessen.de
Optimal Asset Allocation Strategies for International Equity Portfolios:A Comparison of Country versus Sector Optimization


Bianchi Nicola, Vincenzo Farina, Franco Fiordelisi
Email: nicola.bianchi@uniroma2.it
Risk Culture in Banks: Just Words?


Bonini Stefano, Vincenzo Capizzi, Mario Valletta, Paola Zocchi
Email: sbonini@stevens.edu
Groups, networks and the business angels’ investment process.


Borochin Paul, Yanhui Zhao
Email: paul.borochin@uconn.edu
Variation of Implied Volatility and Return Predictability


Boubaker Sabri, Walid Saffar, Syrine Sassi
Email: sabri.boubaker@get-mail.fr
Product Market Competition and Debt Choice


Boussetta Selma
Email: selma.boussetta@iae-toulouse.fr
Competition among Exchanges and ReputationalConcerns


Bredendiek Maximilian, Giorgio Ottonello, Rossen Valkanov
Email: maximilian.bredendiek@vgsf.ac.at
Corporate Bond Portfolios: Bond-Specific Information and Macroeconomic Uncertainty


Brusa Jorge, Renee Oyotode, Zubair Ali Raja
Email: jbsa@tamiu.edu
The bond Market Responses to Female CEOs appointment


Burietz Aurore, Loredana Ureche-rangau
Email: a.burietz@ieseg.fr
Home sweet home? Bank lending and the impact of the global financial crisis




Calcagno Riccardo, Mael Giofr, Cesira Urzi-brancati
Email: calcagno@em-lyon.com
To trust is good, but to control is better: How investors discipline fi…nancial advisors' ’activity


Cao Viet Nga, Andrew Marshall, Krishna Paudyal
Email: viet.cao@monash.edu
Corporate Cash Holdings in the Cross--Section of Stock Returns: The Role of Corporate Innovation


Cao Cathy, Chongyang Chen, Jot Yau
Email: caoc@seattleu.edu
Corporate Cash Holdings, Stock Returns, and Firm Expected Uncertainty


Chalamandaris George, Nikolaos Vlachogiannakis
Email: gchalamandar@aueb.gr
“Adverse- selecting” Informed Customers: Evidence from the corporate bond market


Chambers Barbara
Email: barbara.chambers@monash.edu
Multiemployer Defined Benefit Pension Plans' Liability Spillovers: Important Connections in U.S. Unionized Industries


Chen Hung-Ling, Cheng-yi Shiu, Hui-shan Wei
Email: chenhub@gmail.com
Index reconstitutions and the role of foreign institutional investors on local corporate governance: Evidence from MSCI Standard Index


Chen James
Email: james.chen@research 137.com
Can a Normal Firm Value Diffusion Process Improve the Performance of the Structural Approach to Pricing Corporate Liabilities?


Chen Qiwei, Shaomeng Li, Guy Liu
Email: qiwei.chen@brunel.ac.uk
Does learning offset hubris in serial acquisitions? International Evidence


Chen Linquan, Chendi Zhang
Email: l.chen2@exeter.ac.uk
Short Selling Before Initial Public Offerings


Chiang Shu Ling, Ming Shann Tsai
Email: g1352503@nccu.edu.tw
An Attractive Financial Tool in Aging Populations: Determining an Optimal Principal Limit Factor for Reverse Mortgages under the Economic-Based Model


Chiang Sue Jane, Pei-gi Shu
Email: 054399@mail.fju.edu.tw
Over-issuance, IPO Anomalies, and Investment Efficiency: Evidence from China


Chincarini Ludwig, Fabio Moneta, Daehwan Kim
Email: lbchincarini@usfca.edu
The LifeCycle of Beta


Cho Hyungjin, Lee-seok Hwang
Email: chyungji@emp.uc3m.es
Industry Concentration and Investment Funding: The Importance of Understanding the Market Structure


Choi Jongmoo Jay, Omer Genc
Email: jjchoi@temple.edu
International acquisition and competitiveness


Chronopoulos Dimitris, Sanjay Banerji, Anna Sobiech, John Wilson
Email: dc45@st-andrews.ac.uk
Taxation and Financial Intermediation:Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment


Chu Wah Yip
Email: wah.y.chu@bi.no
Value and profitability premium: from the perspective of duration


Ciocca Georgio
Email: giorgio.ciocca@unisg.ch
Retail investors’ attention and momentum strategies - Evidence from the S&P 500 -


Cong Will
Email: will.cong@chicagobooth.edu
Rise of Factor Investing: Asset Prices, Informational Efficiency, and Security Design


Contreras Harold, Jana Fidrmuc, Roman Kozhan
Email: hcontrer@fen.uchile.cl
Insiders versus short sellers: informed traders’ competition around earnings announcements.


Cortazar Gonzalo, Cristobal Millard, Hector Ortega, Eduardo Schwartz
Email: gcortaza@ing.puc.cl
Commodity Price Forecasts, Futures Prices and Pricing Models


Cortez Maria Ceu, Joana Pena
Email: mccortez@eeg.uminho.pt
Social screening and mutual fund performance: international evidence


Covachev Svetoslav, Vijay Yadav
Email: scovachev@gmail.com
On the relation between flows and performance in the mutual fund industry.


Croci Ettore, Elena Beccalli, Laura Chiaramonte
Email: ettore.croci@unicatt.it
Does Excess Cash Affect Bank Behavior?




Dahlstrm Petter, Bjrn Hagstrmer, Lars Norden
Email: petter.dahlstrom@sbs.su.se
The Determinants of Limit Order Cancellations


Dai Rui, Lilian Ng, Nataliya Zaiats
Email: rdai@wharton.upenn.edu
Customer News and Supplier Short Selling


Dedman Elisabeth, Jing Chen, Muhammad Ghazali, Ja Ryong Kim
Email: elisabeth.dedman@nottingham.ac.uk
The Information Environment in China: Evidence from the Split Share Structure Reform


DeLisle Jared, Paul Borochin, James Cicon, Mckay Price
Email: jared.delisle@usu.edu
The Effects of Conference Call Content on Market Perceptions of Value Uncertainty


Della Bina Antonio, Amir Amel-zadeh
Email: antonio.della bina@unibo.it
Are U.S. Analysts’ Recommendation Changes for Cross-Listed Stocks More Informative than Local Analysts’?


Desai Prajakta
Email: p.desai1@lse.ac.uk
Information Risk and Credit Default Swap Markets


Desban Marc, Souad Lajili-jarjir
Email: marc.desban@gmail.com
Evidence on size, value, operating profitability and investment in the french market


Diercks Anthony
Email: Anthony.M.Diercks@frb.gov
The Equity Premium, Long-Run Risk, and Optimal Monetary Policy


Dimitrova Lora, Sapnoti K. Eswar
Email: l.dimitrova@exeter.ac.uk
Does Financial Innovation Enhance or Inhibit Real Innovation?


Dissem Sonia, Frderic Lobez
Email: sonia.dissem@univ-lille2.fr
Correlation between the 2014 EU-Wide Stress test and market based measures of systemic risk


Dodd Olga, Bart Frijns
Email: olga.dodd@aut.ac.nz
NYSE Closure and Global Equity Trading: The Case of Cross-listed and Domestic Stocks


Dong Minyue, Leonidas Doukakis, Stephen Ryan
Email: minyue.dong@unil.ch
Banks’ Discretion over the Debt Valuation Adjustmentfor Own Credit Risk


Dosis Anastasios
Email: dosis@essec.edu
Investment Under Adverse Selection and Low Interest Rates


Drobetz Wolfgang, Viktoria-sophie Bartsch, Hubert Dichtl, Andreas Neuhierl
Email: wolfgang.drobetz@uni-hamburg.de
Predicting the equity premium out-of-sample: Are there superior forecasting strategies?


Drousia Angeliki, Athanasios Episcopos, George Leledakis
Email: adrousia@aueb.gr
Market Reaction to Actual Daily Share Repurchases in Greece


Duarte Fabio
Email: fduarte@ubi.pt
Mutual Guarantees in Portuguese Loan Markets: Evidence during the Financial Crisis




Eissa Ahmed H., Harjeet S. Bhabra
Email: ahmed.eissa@concordia.ca
Corporate Financial Distress and CEO Networks


El-Khatib Rwan, Dobrina Jandik, Tomas Jandik
Email: rwan.elkhatib@zu.ac.ae
CEO Network Centrality and Insider Trading Gains


ElBannan Mona, Omar Farooq
Email: mona.elbannan@guc.edu.eg
Stock price synchronicity and dividend policy: Evidence from an emerging market


Elyasiani Elyas, Jeremy Crimmel
Email: elyas@temple.edu
The Association between Financial Market Volatility and Banking Concentration


Enache Luminita, Daniel Aobdia, Anup Srivastava
Email: luminita.enache@tuck.dartmouth.edu
Is the Auditing Industry Becoming a Tighter or Looser Oligopoly?




Fan Zhenzhen, Roger Laeven
Email: zhenzhen.fan@yahoo.com
Equilibrium currency hedging under equity-currency contagion


Fernau Erik, Stefan Hirsch
Email: fernau@uni-mannheim.de
What drives dividend smoothing? A meta regression analysis of the Lintner model


Figuerola-Ferretti Isabel, J. Roderick Mccrorie, Ioannis Paraskevopoulos
Email: ifiguerola@comillas.edu
Mild explosivity in recent crude oil prices


Fodor Andy, Kelley Bergsma, Emily Tedford
Email: fodora@ohio.edu
A Strange Disposition?Option Trading, Reference Prices, and Volatility


Frijns Bart, Thanh Huynh, Alireza Tourani-rad, Joakim Westerholm
Email: bfrijns@aut.ac.nz
The Informativeness of Retail and Institutional Trades: Evidence from the Finnish Stock Market


Fu Hsin-Hao, Yi-ting Hsieh
Email: fusinghow@gmail.com
How Loan Portfolio Diversification Affects U.S. Banks’ Return and Risk: Correlation and Contagion Perspectives


Fuchs Florian
Email: florian.fuchs@unisg.ch
The First Time in Private Equity: A Closer Look on Management Teams




Gallo Angela, Antonio D'amato
Email: angela.gallo.1@city.ac.uk
Board Members’ Education, Turnover, and Risk Taking: Evidence from Cooperative and Joint-Stock Banks


Gao Ming
Email: gao.pku.edu.cn
Formal and Informal Finance: Underlying Channels and Welfare Effects


Garcia Sergio, Ivan Blanco
Email: segarcia@emp.uc3m.es
The Hidden Cost of Financial Derivatives: Options Trading and the Cost of Debt


Gatopoulos Georgios
Email: ggatopoulos@agmail.com
Explaining Firms' Exchange Rate Exposure: the Role of Country Factors


Gaugler Tobias, Barbara Seitz, Andreas Rathgeber, Alfred Lameli
Email: tobias.gaugler@mrm.uni-augsburg.de
Sharing more than dialects: Herding behavior in bank risk-taking explained by cultural vicinity


Gavriilidis Konstantinos, Patrick Herbst, Anastasios Kagkadis
Email: konstinos.gavriilidis@stir.ac.uk
Investor Attention to Stock Recommendations


Gershun Natalia, John Donaldson, Rajnish Mehra
Email: ngershun@pace.edu
Notes on the Macroeconomic Determinants of Mean Reversion


Ghosh Chinmoy, Milena Petrova, Le Sun, Yihong Xiao
Email: chinmoy.ghosh@uconn.edu
Increasing Gender Diversity in Corporate Boards: Are Firms Catering to Investor Preferences?


Giglio Stefano, Dacheng Xiu
Email: stefano.giglio@chicagobooth.edu
Inference on Risk Premia in the Presence of Omitted Factors


Giuliana Raffaele
Email: raffaele.giuliana@nhh.no
How did the bail-in events affect European banks' bonds?


Giuzio Margherita, Ben Craig, Sandra Paterlini
Email: margherita.giuzio@yahoo.it
Effects of Diversification and Capital Buffers on the EU Sovereign-Bank Network


Gloner Simon
Email: simon.glossner@kuei.de
Short-Term Investors, Monitoring Blockholders, and Long-Term Corporate Investment


Godlewski Christophe
Email: godlewski@unistra.fr
Initial conditions and the private debt renegotiation process


Gonenc Halit, Mario Hernandez Tinoco
Email: h.gonenc@rug.nl
The effect of creditor rights on dividend payout with changes in the information environment


Grant Andrew, Petko Kalev, Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, Joakim Westerholm
Email: andrew.grant@sydney.edu.au
How are Individual Investors’ Trading Activity and Performance Affected by Major Lifecycle Events? The Case of Divorce


Grira Jocelyn, Boubakri Narjess, Asma Guizani
Email: jocelyn.grira@uaeu.ac.ae
Sovereign Wealth Funds and Equity Pricing: New Evidence from the Implied Cost of Equity of Publicly Traded Targets


Groba Jonatan, Redouane Elkamhi, Ingmar Nolte
Email: j.groba@lancaster.ac.uk
All Things both Great and Small: Transaction Cost Persistence in Corporate Bonds


Guernsey Scott
Email: sguer@ou.edu
Are Some Things Best Kept Secret? The Effect of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act on Financial Leverage


Gntay Levent, Jon Pogach, Stefan Jacewitz
Email: guntayl@mef.edu.tr
Proving Approval: Dividend Regulation and Capital Payout Incentives


Guo Haifeng, Chi-hsiou Hung, Alexandros Kontonikas
Email: h.guo.1@research.gla.ac.uk
Investor Sentiment regimes, Monetary Policy Shocks, and StockPrice Reaction


Gutsche Robert, Jan-frederic Schulz, Michael Gratwohl
Email: robert.gutsche@unisg.ch
Firm-value effects of CSR disclosure and CSR performance




Ha Chang Y., Tong Li
Email: cyha@phbs.pku.edu.cn
Insider Trading and Investor Sentiment


Hammer Benjamin
Email: benjamin.hammer@hhl.de
Do Buy and Build Strategies Increase Illiquidity of Private Equity Investments?


Hardouvelis Gikas, Georgios Karalas
Email: gikas.hardouvelis@gmail.com
Style Concentration in Ownership and Expected Stock Returns


Hashim Noor, Norman Strong
Email: n.hashim@lancaster.ac.uk
Do analysts’ cash flow forecasts improve the accuracy of their target prices?


Hematizadeh Roksana
Email: roksana.hematizadeh@rmit.edu.au
The Dynamic Allocation of Funds in Diverse Financial Markets Using a State-dependent Strategy: Application to Developed and Emerging Equity Markets


Hermes Niels, Linyang Li, Robert Lensink
Email: c.l.m.hermes@rug.nl
Bank Credit Allocation and the Signaling Effect of Household’s Informal Indebtedness: Evidence from China


Hong Hyun
Email: hyunh@ucr.edu
Changes in firms’ investment policies upon the CDS initiation and the role and the incentives of managers in accompanying lender-shareholder wealth transfer


Hsu Yen-Ju, Yu-chen Wei, Yang-cheng Lu
Email: yenj.hsu@gmail.com
The News sentiment effect on trading behavior: A Cross-industry Analysis


Huang Hui, Zhenxu Tong
Email: hh337@exeter.ac.uk
Labor Unions and Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from International Data


Huang Chen, Dimitrios Gounopoulos
Email: c.huang86@outlook.com
Political Corruption and Firm Access to Public Capital Market


Huang-Meier Winifred, Jerry Coakley, Daniel Tsvetanov
Email: w.huang-meier@essex.ac.uk
The role of crowdfunded debt in early stage entrepreneurial finance


Huh Sahn-Wook, Po-hsuan Hsu
Email: swhuh@buffalo.edu
Intellectual Property News and Informed Trading: Evidence from Patenting Activities




Iannino Maria Chiara
Email: maria.chiara.iannino@univie.ac.at
Analysts' Forecast Dispersion and Stock Split Announcements


Isin Adnan
Email: adnanlisn@gmail.com
Tax Avoidance and Cost of Debt: The Case for Syndicate Risk Mitigation and Public Bond Markets




Jagtiani Julapa, Joseph Highes, Loretta Mester
Email: julapa.jagtiani@phil.frb.org


Jaiswal Shikha
Email: sjaisw2@emory.edu
Do Funds Mask Distribution Fees as Brokerage Commissions?


Jang Yeejin, Xiaoyan Zhang, Xue Wang
Email: jang67@purdue.edu
The Multinational Return Premium: Investor’s Perspective


Jiang Wei, Michael Adams
Email: wei.jiang-2@mbs.ac.uk
Do Financial Experts on the Board Matter? An Empirical Test from the United Kingdom's Non-Life Insurance Industry


Jorge Jose, Charles Kahn
Email: jjorge@fep.up.pt
Liquidity Freezes Under Adverse Selection


Jostova Gergana, Doron Avramov, Tarun Chordia, Alexander Philipov
Email: jostova@gwu.edu
Bond, Stocks, and Sources of Mispricing




Kagkadis Anastasios, Panayiotis Andreou, Dennis Philip, Abderrahim Taamouti
Email: a.kagkadis@lancaster.ac.uk
Forward Moments and Risk Premia Predictability


Kalaitzoglou Iordanis, Boulis Maher Ibrahim
Email: ikalaitzoglou@audencia.com
Who is crowding whom in the European carbon market?


Kalcheva Ivalina, Paul Griffin, Hyun Hong, Jeong-bon Kim
Email: ivalina.kalcheva@ucr.edu
Shorting activity, return predictability, and the information environment:Evidence from the mandatory adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards


Kang Jisok, Kee-hong Bae, Ghon Rhee
Email: j.kang@jbs.cam.ac.uk
Nominal Stock Price Anchors: A Global Phenomenon?


Kao Erin H.
Email: erinkao@teamail.ltu.edu.tw
Asymmetric return-volatility relation across different time zones: Quantile regression analysis


Kapinos Pavel, Kundan Kishor, Jun Ma
Email: pavel.kapinos@dal.frb.org
Dynamic Comovement Among Banks' Returns and Chargeoffs in the U.S.


Katsaitis Odysseas
Email: katsa@acg.edu
Oil Price Formation Revisited: The Increasing Role of the Non-Commercials


Kecskes Ambrus, Gennaro Bernile, Vineet Bhagwat, Phuong-anh Nguyen
Email: ambrusk@gmail.com
Do Catastrophic Experiences Affect Risk Attitudes? Evidence from U.S.-Based Managers of Non-U.S. Mutual Funds


Kim Dongcheol, Inro Lee, Haejung Na
Email: kimdc@korea.ac.kr
Financial Distress, Short Sale Constraints, and Mispricing


Kim Jeong-Ho (John)
Email: jkim230@emory.edu
Why Has Active Asset Management Grown?


Kim Yongsik
Email: yskim83@business.kaist.ac.kr
An analysis of the Price Impact


Kim Jihun, Miyoung Lee, Sekyung Oh
Email: jihunkim79@gmail.com
A New Portfolio Optimization Approach in the Singular Covariance Matrix: Improving Out-of-Sample Performance


Kim Young Sang, Yura Kim, Ha-chin Yi
Email: kimy1@nku.edu
Vice or Virtue? The Impact of Earnings Management on Bank Loan Agreements


Kind Axel, Marco Poltera
Email: axel.kind@uni-konstanz.de
Shareholder Proposals as Governance Mechanism: Insights from the Market Value of Corporate Voting Rights


Konstantinidi Eirini, Renato Faccini, George Skiadopoulos, Sylvia Sarantopoulou-chiourea
Email: eirini.konstantinidi@mbs.ac.uk
A New Predictor of Real Economic Activity: The S&P 500 Option Implied Risk Aversion


Kotzinos Apostolos, Raphael Markellos, Dimitris Psychoyios
Email: tolisk@unipi.gr
Sovereign Debt Markets in the New Digital Era


Koutmos Dimitrios
Email: dimitrios.koutmos@gmail.com
Interdependencies between CDS Spreads in the European Union: Is Greece the Black Sheep or Black Swan?


Kriebel Johannes, Florian Kaposty, Matthias Loederbusch
Email: johannes.kriebel@wiwi.uni-muenster.de
Gazing into the Crystal Ball when Predicting Loss Given Default in Leasing - Evidence for Parametric and Non-Parametric Models


Kvaemer Jens
Email: jens.kvaerner@nhh.no
Commodity Prices and Industry Profitability


Kwan Amy, Sean Foley, Adrian Low
Email: amy.kwan@sydney.edu.au
The rise before the close




La Rocca Maurizio, Marc Deloof, Tom Vanacker
Email: m.larocca@unical.it
Local banking development and the use of debt financing by start-ups


Lam F.Y. Eric C., Hung Wan Kot
Email: fyericcl@hkbu.edu.hk
Is the Growth-value Anomaly Related to the Asset Growth Anomaly?


LAOPODIS NIKIFOROS, Annie Triantafyllou
Email: nlaopodis@acg.edu
The Fed’s Policy Reaction Function and U.S. Stock Returns


Lee Changmin, Hansoo Choi
Email: changmin0415@gmail.com
Estimating the Value of Absolute Power: Evidence from Judiciary Decision Events on Controlling Shareholders in Large Business Groups


Lefebvre Jrmie, Thac Huy Nguyen
Email: j.lefebvre@ieseg.fr
Legal Insider Trading in Vietnam: Market Reactions to Pre-Trade Announcements


Lei Zicheng, Chendi Zhang, Alok Kumar
Email: zicheng.lei@surrey.ac.uk
A Direct Test of the Dividend Catering Hypothesis


Lenoci Francesca
Email: francescadaniela.lenoci@unicatt.it
Is systemic risk pro-cyclical?


Li Yubin, Suresh Govindaraj, Chen Zhao, Zhaodong Zhong
Email: yubinresearch@gmail.com
The Effects of Credit Default Swaps Trading on Analyst Forecasts


Li Junye, Tao Huang, Fei Wu, Ning Zhu
Email: li@essec.edu
R&D Information Quality and Stock Returns


Li Gang
Email: garyli@polyu.edu.hk
On the Jump Dynamics and Jump Risk Premiums


Li Geng, Dan Li
Email: geng.li@frb.gov
Household Investors' Belief Dispersion, Trading Volume, and Excess Returns


Li Donghui, Zhe An, Zhian Chen, Lu Xing
Email: lidonghui@jnu.edu.cn
Individualism and Stock Price Crash Risk


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Email: yutao.li@uleth.ca
The transparency of corporate political disclosure and cost of debt


Li Xinxin, Tao-hsien Dolly King, Jun Chen
Email: xli25@uncc.edu
Bondholder Wealth Effects in Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances Around the World


Li Hang, Nicholas Carline, Hisham Farag
Email: hxl445@bham.ac.uk
Is There Really a 'Size Effect' in Acquirer Returns? Evidence from Serial and Non-Serial Acquisition Announcements


Lindsey Laura, Luke Stein
Email: laura.lindsey@asu.edu
Angels, Entrepreneurship, and Employment Dynamics: Evidence from Investor Accreditation Rules


Liu Cai, Simone Varotto
Email: Cai.Liu@pgr.icmacentre.ac.uk
Sovereign debt and bank loans: complements or substitutes?


Lu Jia (lucy), Agyenim Boateng
Email: jlu12@caledonian.ac.uk
Effects of Board Composition, Monitoring and Performance in UK banks




Magkotsios Georgios
Email: Georgios.Magkotsios.2017@marshall.usc.edu
The life cycle of investment management when today's alpha is tomorrow's beta"""he life cycle of investment manag"


Maio Paulo, Ilan Cooper, Dennis Philip
Email: paulofmaio@gmail.com
Multifactor models and the APT: Evidence from a broad cross-section of stock returns


Maksimovic Vojislav, Youngsuk Yook
Email: vmaksimovic@rhsmith.umd.edu
Trade Credit, Demand Shocks, and Liquidity Management


Mao Mike Qinghao, Laura Xiaolei Liu, Greg Nini
Email: mao@ese.eur.nl
Customer Risk and Corporate Financial Policy: Evidence from Receivables Securitization


Marinc Matej, Shaofang Li
Email: matej.marinc@ef.uni-lj.si
Mandatory Clearing of Derivatives and Systemic Risk of Bank Holding Companies


Markoulis Stelios, Panayiotis Ioannou, Spiros Martzoukos
Email: smarkoulis@cytanet.com.cy
Bank Distress in the European Union 2008-2015: A General Assessment


Marks Joseph
Email: jmarks@bentley.edu
Factor Crowding and Liquidity Exhaustion


Mart Jos, Fabio Bertoni, Carmelo Reverte
Email: jmartipe@ccee.ucm.es
Participative loans as an alternative policy instrument for promoting SMEs' growth


Martin Thorsten, Clemens Otto
Email: thorsten.martin@hec.edu
Hold-up and Investment: Empirical Evidence from Tariff Changes


Martin-Flores Jose, Christophe Moussu
Email: jose_maria.martin_flores@edu.escpeurope.eu
Is Bank Capital Sensitive to a Tax Allowance on Marginal Equity?


Mason Andrew, Soheila Malakpour, Nikolaos Karampatsas
Email: Andrew.Mason@surrey.ac.uk
Beyond Market Mood: Stock Sentiment and the Response to Corporate Earnings Announcements


Mattarocci Gianluca, Lucia Gibilaro
Email: gianluca.mattarocci@uniroma2.it
The impact of corporate distress along the supply chain: evidences from United States


Mavis Christos, Nathan Mcnamee, Dimitris Petmezas, Nickolaos Travlos
Email: c.mavis@surrey.ac.uk
Selling to Buy: Asset Sales and Merger Waves


Mazur Mieszko, Ettore Croci, Galla Salganik-shoshan
Email: m.mazur@ieseg.fr
Facilitating Takeovers and Takeover Premia: The Case of Coordinated Monitoring


McCourt Maurice
Email: maurice.mccourt@essec.edu
Estimating Skill in Private Equity Performance using Market Data


McGeever Niall, John Cotter
Email: niall.mc-geever@ucdconnect.ie
Which stocks are integrated?


Megginson William, Veljko Fotak, Haekwon Lee
Email: wmegginson@ou.edu
A BIT of Investor Protection: How Bilateral Investment Treaties Impact the Terms of Syndicated Loans


Meier Florian, Paul Gower
Email: f.meier@uel.ac.uk
The FSA put to the test: Maintaining market confidence during the financial crisis


Menninger Frederic
Email: frederic.menninger@uni-konstanz.de
Corporate Governance and Equity Risk


Meuleman Elien, Martien Lamers, Frederik Mergaerts, Rudi Vander Vennet
Email: elien.meuleman@ugent.be
The trade-off between monetary policy and bank stability


Miguel Antonio F., Aneel Keswani, Sofia B. Ramos
Email: a.freitasmiguel@iscte.pt
Mutual Fund Size versus Fees: When big boys become bad boys


Mimouni Karim, Moh'd Al Azzam
Email: kmimouni@qu.edu.qa
Currency Risk and Microcredit Interest Rates


Min Byoung-Kyu, Tong Suk Kim, Deok-hyeon Lee
Email: byoungkyu.min@sydney.edu.au
Dispersion of Beliefs, Ambiguity, and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns


MISSIOU OLYMPIA, Dimitrios Psychoyios
Email: olimpiamissiou@gmail.com
Estimating the size of Shadow Economy with Electricity Consumption Method


Miu Peter, Yi-ting Hsieh, Wenchien Liu, Yuanchen Chang
Email: miupete@mcmaster.ca
Fire-Sale Channel of Industry Contagion: Evidence from the Pricing of Industry Recovery Rate


Mohebshahedin Mahmood, Lawrence Kryzanowski
Email: m.moheb@uwindsor.ca


Moore Tomoe, Ali Mirzaei
Email: tomoe.moore@brunel.ac.uk
Does Basel III-Compliant Bank Efficiency Enhance Industry Growth in Developing Countries?


Mousavi Mohammad Mahdi, Jamal Ouenniche
Email: s.m.m.mousavi@ed.ac.uk
Dynamic Evaluation of Corporate Distress Prediction Models


Murray Scott, Zhongjin Lu
Email: smurray19@gsu.edu
Bear Beta




Nam Seunghan, Joshua Ronen, Tavy Ronen Ronen
Email: nams2@rpi.edu
When an Executive Departs:An Informational Content Story


Nanda Vikram, Steven Xiao, Suman Banerjee
Email: vikram.nanda@utdallas.edu
Using Managerial Attributes to Identify Market Feedback Effects: The Case of Mutual Fund Fire Sales


Newaz Mohammad Khaleq, Jin Suk Park
Email: mohammad.newaz@coventry.ac.uk
Asymmetries in Volatility and Spillovers and Market Development: A Comparative Study of Advanced, Emerging and Frontier Stock Markets


Ng Jeff, Long Chen, Yashu Dong, Albert Tsang
Email: jeffng@baf.cuhk.edu.hk
Cross-Listings and Voluntary Disclosure: International Evidence


Nguyen Tri Tri, Chau Duong, Sunitha Narendran
Email: tri.tri.nguyen@uel.ac.uk
Using the profile of CEOs to detect earnings management




O'Sullivan Niall, Jason Foran
Email: niall.osullivan@ucc.ie
Mutual Fund Skill in Timing Market Volatility and Liquidity


Ozkan Neslihan, Kirak Kim, Ahmet Karpuz
Email: N.ozkan@bristol.ac.uk
Employment Protection Laws and Corporate Liquidity Management




Papanastasopoulos Georgios
Email: papanast@unipi.gr
Asymmetries in the Persistence and Pricing of Cash Flows


Pappas Kostas, Martin Walker, Liang (Alice) Xu, Cheng (Colin) Zeng
Email: k.pappas@soton.ac.uk
Do Government Subsidies Affect Income Smoothing?


Park Heewoo, Tongsuk Kim
Email: laax@business.kaist.ac.kr
Is Stock Return Predictability of Option-implied Skewness Affected by the Market State


Park Kwangwoo, Hyun-dong Kim, Ji Yeol Jimmy Oh
Email: kpark3@kaist.ac.kr
Men of Honor: Military CEOs and Directors in Korea


Parwada Jerry, Jianfeng Shen, Kok Keng Siaw, Eric Tan
Email: j.parwada@unsw.edu.au
The Value of Institutional Brokerage Relationships:Evidence From The Collapse of Lehman Brothers


Patatoukas Panos N., Richard Sloan, Annika Wang
Email: panos@haas.berkeley.edu
Short-Sales Constraints and Aftermarket IPO Pricing


Pederzoli Chiara, Costanza Torricelli
Email: chiara.pederzoli@unimib.it
Systemic risk measures and EBA stress tests


Peng Ni, Ning Gao, Norman Strong
Email: n.peng@qmul.ac.uk
What determines horizontal merger antitrust case selection?


Penikas Henry
Email: penikas@gmail.com
Default Probability Modeling for the Listed Shipping Companies in 2001-2016


Perrakis Stylianos, George Constantinides, Michal Czerwonko
Email: stylianos.perrakis@concordia.ca
Mispriced Index Option Portfolios


Pesic Valerio, Giovanni Ferri
Email: valerio.pesic@uniroma1.it
The Spillover Effects of Prudential Regulation on Banking Competition


Petrov Evgeny
Email: evgeny.petrov@epfl.ch
Voluntary Disclosure and Informed Trading


Pezzo Luca
Email: lpezzo@wustl.edu
What Is Wrong With Representative Agent Equilibrium Models?


Phylaktis Kate, Chiara Banti
Email: k.phylaktis@city.ac.uk
Global Liquidity and House Prices around the world


Picault Matthieu, Aurore Burietz
Email: m.picault@ieseg.fr
The bank lending channel from the European syndicated loan market perspective


Pinto Joo, Paulo Alves
Email: jpinto@porto.ucp.pt
The Choice between Project Financing and Corporate Financing: Evidence from the Corporate Syndicated Loan Market


Power Gabriel, Marie-hlne Gagnon, Dominique Toupin
Email: Gabriel.Power@fsa.ulaval.ca
Beyond the Variance Risk Premium: Stock Market Index Return Predictability and Option-Implied Information


Pyrgiotakis Emmanouil, George Leledakis
Email: manospirg@aueb.gr
U.S. bank M&As in the post-Dodd-Frank Act era: Do they create value?




Qiu Mei, Xiaoming Li
Email: M.Qiu@Massey.ac.nz
Capital Structure and Economic Policy Uncertainty: US versus German Firms


Quas Anita, Yan Alperovych, Alexander Peter Groh
Email: quas@em-lyon.com
When can Government Venture Capital funds bridge the equity gap?




Raes Louis, Arian Borgers, Rachel Pownall
Email: l.b.d.raes@tilburguniversity.edu
Exposure to bankers: networks and stock market participation


Raffinot Thomas
Email: thomas.raffinot@dauphine.eu
Investing through Economic Cycles with Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms


Rahman Sheehan
Email: sheehan.rahman@postgrad.mbs.ac.uk
The Analysis of Interim Management Statement Tone: A Comparison of Manual and Automated Methods


Rakowski David, Sara Shirley, Jeffrey Stark
Email: rakowski@uta.edu
Institutional investor preferences:Evidence from exchange-traded notes


Randall Oliver
Email: oliver.randall@emory.edu
Pricing and Liquidity in Over-The-Counter Markets


Raunig Burkhard
Email: burkhard.rauning@oenb.at
Economic Policy Uncertainty and the Volatility of Sovereign CDS Spreads


Ravi Narayanan Kishore
Email: r.narayanan@skema.edu; kishore.ravinarayanan@etu.uni-lille2.fr
Do networks of blockholders have an impact on Mergers and Acquisitions?


Reisel Natalia, Sean Griffith
Email: nreisel@fordham.edu
Dead Hand Proxy Puts, Hedge Fund Activism, and the Cost of Capital


Renault Thomas
Email: t.renault@icloud.com
Pump-and-dump or news? Stock market manipulation on social media


Riddiough Timothy, Jun Zhu
Email: timothy.riddiough@wisc.edu
Risk and Information Tranching, Security Governance, and Incentive Compatible Capital Structure Design


Rizopoulos Efthymios, Michael Bowe, Sarah Zhang
Email: efthymios.rizopoulos@manchester.ac.uk
Market Microstructure Invariance in the FTSE 100


Roskelley Kenneth, Randall Campbell
Email: kroskelley@business.msstate.edu
International Housing Price Dynamics: Monetary Policy, Current Account Deficits, and Credit Standards


Rossi Ludovico, Elena Beccalli
Email: l.rossi@pgr.reading.ac.uk
Economies or Diseconomies of Scope in the EU Banking Industry?


Rouine Ibtissem
Email: ibtissemrouine@gmail.com
Target countries’ leadership style and bidders’ takeover decisions.


Regg Roger, Markus Leippold
Email: roger.rueegg@uzh.ch
The Mixed vs the Integrated Approach to Style Investing: Much Ado About Nothing?




Sainani Sushil, Chris Florackis
Email: sushil@liv.ac.uk
How do CFOs Matter? Evidence from M&A


Sakkas Athanasios, Emmanouil Platanakis, Charles Sutcliffe
Email: a.sakkas@soton.ac.uk
Portfolios in a Regime Shifting Non-Normal World: Are Alternative Assets Beneficial?


Salas Jesus, Paul Brockman, William Megginson, Hye Seung (Grace) Lee
Email: jsalas@lehigh.edu


Sang Le Quang
Email: l.q.sang@soton.ac.uk
Value of financial flexibility, investment efficiency and adjustment speed of working capital


Santulli Rosalia, Carmen Gallucci, Vincenzo Formisano, Michele Modina
Email: rsantulli@unisa.it
Small Bank-Small Firm Relationship: An Empirical Investigation after the Financial Crisis


Sarkar Sudipto, Michi Nishihara, Chuanqian Zhang
Email: sarkars@mcmaster.ca
Agency Cost of Debt Overhang with Optimal Investment Timing and Size


Schreiter Maximilian, Tim Kutzker, Alexander Lahmann
Email: maximilian.schreiter@hhl.de
Illiquidity and Indebtedness - Optimal Capital Structure under Realistic Default Triggers in a Double Barrier Option Framework


Schumann Kathryn
Email: schumakm@jmu.edu
he Market Perception of Firm Risks during Cross-listing Events


Selan Beatriz, Aquiles Kalatzis
Email: beatrizselan@gmail.com
Peer effects of stock returns and financial characteristics: Spatial approach for an emerging market


Shang Danjue
Email: danjue.shang@usu.edu
Is Trading What Makes Prices Informative? Evidence from Option Markets


Sheikhbahaei Ali, Amalia Di Iorio, Balasingham Balachandran, Huu Nhan Duong
Email: asheikhbahaei@students.latrobe.edu.au
10-K Filing Content and SEO Flotation Costs


Shen Zhe, Zhiqiang Wang, Bingbo Su, Jerry Coakley
Email: z.shen@xmu.edu.cn
Prospect theory and IPO returns in China


Shi Fangzhou
Email: fangzhoushi@gmail.com
Business Group Aliation Improves New Firms' Protability


Siganos Antonios, Isaac Tabner
Email: a.siganos@accfin.gla.ac.uk
Sympathy as a determinant of cross-border merger activity


Sila Vathunyoo, Duc Duy Nguyen, Hoai Linh Nguyen
Email: ben.sila@ed.ac.uk


Simion Giorgia
Email: giorgia.simion@unive.it
What Drives the Concentration of Households’ Investments in Bank Bonds?


Skiadopoulos George, Alejandro Bernales, Gonzalo Cortazar, Luka Salamunic
Email: gskiadopoulos@qmul.ac.uk
Learning and Index Option Returns


Skintzi Vasiliki
Email: vikiski@uop.gr
Determinants of stock-bond market comovement in the Eurozone under model uncertainty


Smith Gavin, Joshua Livnat, Kate Suslava, Martin Tarlie
Email: gavin.smith@prudential.com
Do Directors Have a Use-By Date? Examining the Impact of Board Tenure on Firm Performance


Smith Norkeith
Email: nsmith48@csuchico.edu
An investigation of the product market effects of horizontal divestitures via asset sales: Evidence from customer, supplier, and rival firms


Sokolyk Tatyana, Mark Fedenia, Hilla Skiba
Email: tsokolyk@brocku.ca
The Effect of Familiarity with Foreign Markets on Institutional Investors’ Performance


Sougiannis Theodore, Tatiana Fedyk, Zvi Singer
Email: sougiani@illinois.edu
The Accrual Anomaly: Accrual Originations, Accrual Reversals, and Investor Learning


Soula Jean-Loup
Email: jlsoula@unistra.fr
Technical efficiency in bank liquidity creation


Spyrou Spyros, Emilios Galariotis, Panagiota Makrichoriti
Email: sspyrou@acueb.gr
The Impact of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policyon Expectations and Sentiment


Srivastava Anup, Ashish Sood, Birendra Mishra
Email: anup.srivastava@tuck.dartmouth.edu
Harvest Now or Invest Further—the Dilemma Reexamined


Stan Raluca, Ann Marie Hibbert
Email: raluca.stan@mail.wvu.edu
The Stock Market Reaction to Earnings Announcements in the Presence of High Ambiguity


Steininger Bertram I., Carolin Pommeranz
Email: steininger@immo.rwth-aachen.de
Price Discrimination in the Residential Housing Sector: Evidence from Green Buildings


Stolper Oscar, Andreas Walter
Email: oscar.stolper@wiwi.uni-marburg.de
Birds of a feather: The impact of social proximity on the propensity to follow financial advice


Straska Miroslava, David Downs, Gregory Waller
Email: mstraska@vcu.edu
Shareholder Activism in REITs


Strobl Gnter, Jonathan Cohn, Uday Rajan
Email: gunter@gunterstrobl.com
Credit Ratings: Strategic Issuer Disclosure and Optimal Screening


Sun Hanwen, Shuxing Yin
Email: hsun16@sheffield.ac.uk
Informed Trading in Family Firms:Evidence from Short Selling around Insider Sales


Suslava Kate
Email: kate.suslava@gmail.com
“Stiff Business Headwinds and Unchartered Economic Waters”: The Use of Euphemisms in Earnings Conference Calls


Susnjara Jurica, Thanh Ngo
Email: juricas@hotmail.com
The effect of political connections on earnings management: The evidence from government suppliers


Szakmary Andrew, Yuqin Wang, Subhash Sharma
Email: aszakmar@richmond.edu
Valuation of IPOs Using a Stochastic Frontier Approach: A Revisit




Taffler Richard, Vineet Argarwal,Chenyang Wang
Email: Richard.Taffler@wbs.ac.uk
Asset Pricing Bubbles and Investor Emotions: An Empirical Analysis of the 2014 – 2016 Chinese Stock Market Bubble


Tai Vivian, Yi-hsun Lai
Email: whtai@ncnu.edu.tw
Managerial Overconfidence and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance


Taluja Pulkit, Rama Seth, Allen N. Berger
Email: pulkitt15@iimcal.ac.in
Role of Collateral in Mitigating Adverse Selection: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in India


Taussig Roi D., Sagi Akron
Email: taussigroi@hotmail.com
Real options and asymmetric volatility


Thomas Dylan, Gordon Gemmill
Email: Dylan.Thomas@qmul.ac.uk
Fund Mortality and Fair Discounts on Closed-End Funds


Toh Zhao Zhi, Wenjun Xie, Yuan Wu, Liming Xiang
Email: tohz0016@e.ntu.edu.sg
Dynamic Copula Framework for Pairs Trading


Tomuleasa Ioana Iuliana, Dionisis Philippas, Stephanos Papadamou
Email: iulianatomuleasa@yahoo.com
Decomposing leverage in quantitative easing decisions: Evidence from the UK


Tran Anh, Eliezer Fich, Robert Parrino
Email: anh.tran@city.ac.uk
Timing stock trades for personal gain: Private information and sales of shares by CEOs


Tresl Jiri, Jan Hanousek, Iuliia Brushko
Email: jtresl@gmail.com
Re-examining Intra-industry Information Transfers:Cross-industry Abnormal Returns and Trading Volume upon Earnings Announcements


Tsiakas Ilias, Jiahan Li
Email: itsiakas@uoguelph.ca
Equity Premium Prediction and the State of the Economy


Tsioumas Vangelis, Yiannis Smirlis, Stratos Papadimitriou
Email: etsioumas@acg.edu
Revisiting the impact of the economic environment on the shipping market: The Dry Bulk Economic Climate Index


Tsouknidis Dimitris, Neophytos Lambertides, Christos Savva
Email: dimitris.tsouknidis@cut.ac.cy
The effects of oil price shocks on U.S. stock order flow imbalances and stock returns


Tsoutsoura Margarita, Morten Bennedsen, Daniel Wolfenzon
Email: tsoutsoura@chicagobooth.edu
Drivers of Effort: Evidence from Employee Absenteeism




Uribe Jorge M.
Email: jorge.uribe@correounivalle.edu.co
Momentum pricing and trading, and economic uncertainty regimes.




Vagenas-Nanos Evangelos, Amna Noor Chaudhry, Alexandros Kontonikas
Email: Evangelos.Vagenas-Nanos@glasgow.ac.uk
Financial Advisor Centrality in Mergers and Acquisitions


van Bommel Jos, Matthijs Lof
Email: jos.vanbommel@uni.lu
Asymmetric Information and the Distribution of Trading Volume


Venturelli Valeria, Stefano Cosma, Riccardo Ferretti, Elisabetta Gualandri, Andrea Landi
Email: valeria.venturelli@unimore.it


Vitkova Valeriya, Sudi Sudarsanam
Email: valeriya.vitkova.2@city.ac.uk
Hedging their bets: Do hedge fund activists really contribute to long-term value?


Vo Quynh-Anh, Fabiana Gomez
Email: quynh-anh.vo@bankofengland.co.uk
Liquidity Management in Banking: What is the Role of Leverage?


Volont Christophe, Pascal Gantenbein, Axel Kind
Email: christophe.volonte@unibas.ch
Individualism and Ventue Capital


Voukelatos Nikolaos, Radu Tunaru
Email: n.voukelatos@kent.ac.uk
Insurance Against Volatility Risk or Negative Skewness as Reflected by Option Returns in Emerging European Markets


Vu Le, Lily Nguyen, Xiangkang Yin
Email: l.vu@latrobe.edu.au
Does audit quality enhance or impede firm innovation?


Vulanovic Milos
Email: milos.vulanovic@edhec.edu
SPACs: Post-merger survival




Waller H. Gregory, Miroslava Straska
Email: hgwaller@vcu.edu
Board Declassification and Bargaining Power


Wallmeier Martin
Email: martin.wallmeier@unifr.ch
Skewness Premium and Index Option Returns


Wang Shixuan, Zhenya Liu
Email: shixuan_wang@hotmail.com
Asset Return & Camel Process: Beauty and the Beast


Wang Wei, Bo Li, Lynnette Purda
Email: wwang@queensu.ca
Do Bondholders Value Senior Loan Lender Control Rights?


Wang Ying, Lei Gao, Jing Zhao
Email: ywang@albany.edu
Does Local Religiosity Affect Organizational Risk-taking? Evidence from the Hedge Fund Industry


Wang Liu
Email: lwang@providence.edu
Do Investors Care about Earnings Quality? An Empirical Analysis


Wanzenried Gabrielle, James A. Wilcox
Email: gabrielle.wanzenried@hslu.ch
Risks, Returns, and the Supply and Demand of Bank Deposits


Wei Jiaying
Email: jiaying.wei@essec.edu
ESG Proposals and Shareholder Activism


Wu Xueping, Chong Chen
Email: efxpwu@cityu.edu.hk
Advisor Lending to the Advised Acquirer during M&A: Conflict of Interest or Last Resort Financing?




Xia Chunling, Jana Fidrmuc
Email: c.xia@qmul.ac.uk
Merger synergies, bidding competition and industry characteristics.


Xiao Yizhou, Lin Cong
Email: yizhou@baf.cuhk.edu.hk
Persistent Blessings of Luck: Capital and Deal Flows in Venture Investment


Xing Lu, Angelica Gonzalez, Vathunyoo Sila
Email: s1356163@sms.ed.ac.uk
Does cooperation of women in top positions enhance or impede firm performance?


Xu Yan, Ning Gao, Ian Garrett
Email: yanxuj@hku.hk
The determinants and effectiveness of reverse takeovers in the U.K.


Xu Yexiao, Yihua Zhao
Email: yexiaoxu@utdallas.edu
Beta Reversal and Expected Returns


Xu Yan, Kewei Hou, Po-hsuan Hsu, Akiko Watanabe
Email: yan.xu@manchester.ac.uk
Corporate R&D and Stock Returns: International Evidence




Yang Zhaojun, Xiaolin Wang
Email: yangzj@sustc.edu.cn
Pricing equity and contingent convertibles with idiosyncratic risk


Yildirim Alev, Linda Allen
Email: ayildirim@gradcenter.cuny.edu
The Intangible Value of Key Talent: Decomposing Organization Capital


Yin Chao, Charles Ward, Yeqin Zeng
Email: c.yin@icmacentre.ac.uk
Motivated Institutional Investors and Firm InvestmentEciency


Yook Youngsuk, Brandon Julio
Email: youngsuk.yook@frb.gov
Earnings Management and Corporate Investment Decisions


Yu Bing, Shengxiong Wu
Email: yubing@meredith.edu
Employee Rights and Dividend Policy around the World


Yun Jaesun, Jangkoo Kang, Kyung Yoon Kwon
Email: jkkang@business.kaist.ac.kr
Short-Term Momentums in the Commodity Futures Markets




Zamojski Marcin
Email: marcin.zamojski@gu.se
Filtering with Confidence: In-sample Confidence Bands for GARCH Filters


Zbandut Anastasia
Email: anastasiia.zbandut@ovgu.de
Costs of capital under credit risk


Zeng Yekin
Email: y.zeng@icmacentre.ac.uk
Why do acquirers switch financial advisors in mergers and acquisitions?


Zerbib Olivier David
Email: odzerbib@gmail.com
The Green Bond Premium


Zestos George, Wei Guo, Ryan Patnode
Email: gzestos@cnu.edu
Determinants of Chinese Economic Growth and Trade: an ARDL Approach


Zhang Jie, Lawrence Kryzanowski, Rui Zhong
Email: jie.zhang@concordia.ca
International Financial Market Integration, Capital Flows and Quantitative Easing in the U.S.


Zhang Ping, George Sermpinis, Serafeim Tsoukas
Email: p.zhang.1@research.gla.ac.uk
Modelling market implied ratings using LASSO variable selection techniques


Zhang Xiqian, Carolina Salva
Email: xiqian.zhang@unine.ch
Do financial bidders exploit underpricing?


Zhang Yuxin
Email: y.zhang11@imperial.ac.uk
“Life-Cycle Consumption and Portfolio Choice with an Imperfect Predictor


Zhang Qingjing, Jing-ming Kuo, Rebecca Stratling
Email: qz2u14@soton.ac.uk
Internal control vs market force: the dividend policy in China


Zhang Zhuang, Jing-ming Kuo, Qingjing Zhang
Email: zhuang.zhang@soton.ac.uk
Which side do institutional investors take? Their real face in the impact of CEO risk aversion on CSR


Zhao Jing, Mingyi Li, Hsin-i Chou, Xiangkang Yin
Email: j.zhao@latrobe.edu.au
Institutional Demand and Post-earnings-announcement Return


Zhao Lei
Email: lzhao@escpeurope.eu
Credit risk “Beta”: the systematic aspect of bank default risk


Zhao Jinsha, Hao Li
Email: j.zhao@kingston.ac.uk
Inside debt and managerial risk taking: Evidence from UK pension reform


Zhou Si, Jean Chen, Li Xie
Email: s.zhou@soton.ac.uk
If Busy, Team Up! When Multitasking Fund Manager Meets Team.


Zhu Lillian, Candie Chang, Ben Jacobsen
Email: s1468394@sms.ed.ac.uk
Macroeconomic and political uncertainty and cross sectional return dispersion around the world


Zhuang Zili, Ting-kai Chou, Henock Louis
Email: zili.zhuang@gmail.com
Cost behavior and bond yield spreads


Zorn Josef, Jochen Lawrenz
Email: josef.zorn@uibk.ac.at
Local and Global Discount Rates


Zuta Shlomith, Omer Berkman
Email: shlomitz@mta.ac.il
The Impact of Audit Committee Size and Composition on Negative Events in the Life of a Company: The Case of Israel